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  • Our Chamber Check program is designed to keep dollars local. In 2019 there were over $28,000 worth or chamber checks purchased and cashed! Chamber checks are ideal for employee incentives/rewards, birthdays, wedding gifts, etc.

    Chamber checks are used just like cash or checks. Each one is an actual check, written out to "Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce Business" in $5 increments.

    Payment for chamber checks is required before issuing checks.

    Call the Chamber office to order you Chamber Checks Today! 308-995-4444 or info@holdregechamber.com

  • What are Chamber Checks?

    Chamber Checks are essentially a membership wide gift card, redeemable at any of the participating businesses listed below.Chamber checks make excellent gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Employee gifts and bonuses or any other occasion where a gift is appropriate.


    I am a business that accepts Chamber Checks. How do I receive them?

    Chamber Checks should be treated just like a regular check would be accepted as payment. During the transaction, select 'check' enter the amount of the check to go towards the total amount. Then simply endorse and include the Chamber Check with your daily deposit.

    What do I do with the remaining balance on a Chamber Check?

    Ex. A customer with a $15 purchase pays with a $20 Chamber Check. Two options: 1.) Accept the $20 check, and pay the customer their $5 change in cash. Endorse and include check in deposit. 2.) Inform customer that they will need to spend the entire Chamber Check at your business.
    DO NOT cross out the check amount and write remaining balance. This will void the check.
    DO NOT give the check back to the customer. You will need to deposit the check to receive payment.

  • Do Chamber Checks Expire?

    Like all great things, Chamber checks do expire. The expiration dates is always one year after the purchase date of the Chamber Check. If you have an expired check, contact the Chamber for a replacement. The chamber will not issue replacements for checks over 3years old.

    Can Chamber Checks be exchanged for cash?

    Chamber checks are designed to be used to generate and increase local sales, and allowing the check to be exchanged for change would be contradictory to the goal of the program.

    How can I purchase Chamber Checks?

    Easy! Just call or email the chamber to order your chamber checks! 308-995-4444 or info@holdregechamber.com. We do require payment for chamber checks before issuing them to you or your business.

    What does it cost to purchase Chamber Checks?

    Nothing! we charge you for the exact amount that you would like issued. Ex. a $50 payment will get you $50 worth of chamber checks in the $5 increments of your choosing!

    What does it cost to have my business participate in the Chamber Check Program?

    Nothing! Just tell us you would like to participate by contacting us or checking the box on your membership renewal form. You will receive a window cling to let shoppers know that you accept chamber checks.

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