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In 1904, a group of Holdrege businessmen gathered to talk about the benefits of working together for their common good and the good of the community.

Holdrege was 20 years old, growing and prosperous. If they pooled resources, they reasoned, they could do far more than any of them could on their own.

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Jul 21, 2015

Dairy Queen: Serving up Memories in Holdrege for More than 65 Years

By Elena Olson King Maybe your parents used to take you there after your ...


Jul 17, 2015

Property Tax Series – Part 1 from Senator John Kuehn

Property taxes have been a significant topic during my conversations with constituents. As the primary revenue raising tool for local political subdivisions, property taxes accounted for $3.565 billion in revenue ...


Jul 17, 2015

Property Tax Series – Part 2 by Senator John Kuehn

Property taxes paid on a specific piece of real estate or on tangible personal property is the product of the valuation of the property, determined by the county assessor, multiplied ...


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S & W Napa Auto Parts

S & W Napa Auto Parts

by Sierra Klein

Growing up in Holdrege, I would sometimes accompany my dad down to NAPA Auto Parts. The real reason I liked to tag along was for the popcorn! Even now when I stop in, I'm tempted! NAPA doesn't only treat us to popcorn, but also a wide range of products and parts to help fix or get the job done!

NAPA is independently and locally owned, but is a franchise of NAPA. Dale Geiselman and Ryan Fritsche purchased the business January 1, 2011 and are ...

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