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In 1904, a group of Holdrege businessmen gathered to talk about the benefits of working together for their common good and the good of the community.

Holdrege was 20 years old, growing and prosperous. If they pooled resources, they reasoned, they could do far more than any of them could on their own.

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Oct 9, 2015

Committee looks at possible changes to local economic development programs

(North Platte Telegraph) -- NPTelegraph.com reports that Dan Mauk, president and CEO of the North Platte Area Chamber of Commerce and Development, "testified last week before members of the Urban ...


Oct 2, 2015

Speaker Hadley: Nebraska must be more competitive on taxes

(Kearney Hub) -- KearneyHub.com reports that Nebraska Chamber staff spoke to Kearney area business and community leaders at the Kearney Chamber's legislative forum held earlier this week.  Also at the ...


Sep 30, 2015

Annual Chamber Legislative Update Luncheon Held In Holdrege Recently

The Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, coordinated their annual fall Legislative Update Tuesday, September 22 during a noon luncheon ...


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Holdrege Soft Water Serves Customers Beyond Holdrege Holdrege Soft Water Serves Customers Beyond Holdrege

By Elena Olson King

First, you notice that your white socks have grayed. Then, as you put your clean glasses away, you see the slight, hazy film. In the bathroom, the tell-tale white scaling shows up on your shower head and on the faucet of the sink. They are all symptoms of hard water, caused by the minerals rainfall picks up as it seeps down to the Ogallala Aquifer. It is the curse which goes with the blessing of having a vast underground source of clean water in Nebraska.

For over 45 years, Holdrege Soft Water has been ...

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