Legislative Liaison

The Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce monitors and initiates appropriate action on legislative and political matters that impact our region.  The HACC keeps members aware of local, state and national public affairs and legislative initiatives.

Nebraska State CapitolThe Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to reviewing, developing, and supporting legislative issues that promote a positive, proactive business environment.

We talk to and work with other Chambers, the Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce, the State Department of Economic Development and other economic development agencies, the Legislature, and the governor’s office to establish regulations and policies that will enhance the ability of a local business to compete in the worldwide economy while generating jobs and income here at home. 


“The [Holdrege Area] Chamber has offered me business ideas and solutions, including going above and beyond to help me plan my 20th anniversary event.”

“We appreciate the marketing opportunities available to us through the [Holdrege Area] Chamber… to keep the community informed of happenings.”

“Being a member of the Chamber links you to the community and helps outside businesses get connected.”

“[embecta] brings people into town from a wide area and it helps bring money into the community. [The Holdrege Area Chamber] gives back to us just as much as we give back to them.”

“I’ve met a lot of people at Chamber events and have received a lot of great contacts that we’ve been able to do partnered events with later on.”

“[The Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce] definitely works hard to make sure their members are successful in their business ventures.”

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